Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dentists in the media

In the videoclip below Dewey (Tim Conway) and Wallace (Chuck McCann) are small-town lawmen who are ordered by the governor to go undercover as prison inmates to find out where a gang of thieves have hidden their loot. While they're undercover, however, the governor dies, and because no one else knows about the ruse Dewey and Wallace are stranded in prison. How are dentists portrayed in the media? Pick up one example (movie, scene in a movie, journals, newspapers, TV, EXCEPT specialized journals and literature)and tell us about it.

Low-cost dental care

This article, which we have discussed in class, points to a major issue in dental care: expensive, unaffordable treatments as well as lack of highly-qualified professionals in many regions of the world.

Do you think we have similar problems in our country/regions of the country?

Watch the videoclip on Non-profit dental care providing.

What type of dental care is mentioned here? Menion one aspec that impressed you.
What kind of discount dental  care was/is available in Romania, for who, and where, why?

Read carefully the previous answers before you write your own since only new ideas will be published.
You can also refer to situations in different countries.